tank information request?

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tank information request?

Post by Goldminer453 » 01 May 2019 08:04

Hi, I've been researching Axis occupied Belgium and I was wondering if there was ever a paper project/wooden mock-up or even suggestion for an Axis manufactured Belgian tank. I know there was suggestion for Bohemia & Moravia for one. This is just general asking as it's always crossed my mind, thanks in advance.

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Re: tank information request?

Post by Sheldrake » 04 May 2019 11:09

Belgium didn't have a significant tank production capability pre-WW2. Unlike the Czechs which produced decent light tanks.

The Germans did not make full use of the manufacturing capacity of the occupied territories. The French army's AFVs were only developed as SP gun chassis through the initiative of a junior officer - Major Alfred Becker.

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