Kettenkrad - Original documentation

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Kettenkrad - Original documentation

Post by AHumanPerson » 03 Jul 2019 05:27

Some background info

I recently have had the opportunity to begin work on a perfect replica of the NSU Kettenkrad, in 1:1 scale, ideally fabricated to be indistinguishable from a mid wartime production variant (2nd gen carburetor, but still with both headlamps and the handrail mudguards). It has been done before (2 Czechoslovakian groups have built completely new Kettenkrads using documentation).

The documentation which I have obtained thus far has been a number of patents relating to the Kettenkrad, however my collection is incomplete. The other issue with using patents is that I cannot accurately machine or manufacture anything off of them, they are only good for general reference. (patents I've collected will be listed at the end).

What I have figured out is that there is at least one book intended for maintaining the Kettenkrad which was published during the war, and that a copy of this is currently reprinted in Germany and is available to order. (Book is Field Manual D 624/2). I was able to verify this with the Imperial War Museum.

I have been in contact with a Kettenkrad restoration group based in eastern Europe, and they have provided me with photographs of a stripped down Kettenkrad chassis, however as it has been reassembled already, they were unable to create blueprints of it, but I do have photos now.


Do any of you have or know where I could obtain any original documentation relating to manufacturing or designing of the Kettenkrad, or happen to have a copy of the aforementioned field manual, and if so, could you confirm if it contains any information beyond a list of spare parts.

Patents which I do have:

DE671092 - Gearbox patent
( ... cale=en_EP)

DE481771 - 1st NSU track patent, not directly related to Kettenkrad
( ... cale=en_EP)

DE735539 - Steering brake control mechanism patent
( ... cale=en_EP)

DE706728 - Idler wheel patent
( ... cale=en_EP)

DE733115 - Same as DE735539 but with more info about how it works in the description
( ... cale=en_EP)

DE717514 - General kettenkrad patent
( ... cale=en_EP)

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