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Greetings! I'm looking for information on the equipment available for Allied and Axis combatants in major operations. Specifically, I'm trying to ascertain the available weapons, tanks, vehicles, etc were available (and who used them) during campaigns such as Wacht am Rhein and Fruehlingserwachen.

I've already done some basic research on some of the units available during Wacht am Rhein, but if anyone has any corrections or additions, those would be much appreciated.

Right now, my focus is Fruehlingserwachen in confirming what sort of equipment was available to the 6th (SS) Panzer Armee and their opponents of the 6th Guards Tank Army, 4th Guards Army, 9th Guards Army, 27th Army, 26th Army, 3rd Ukranian Front, etc.

What types of units were present for these forces and what were they equipped with? (For example, were there any PzKpfw IV Ausf. H vehicles in action with the 5th Panzer Army in December 1944? Were there any IS-2 tanks present in during Fruehlingserwachen during the initial German/Hungarian advance and/or during the Allied counterattack? If so, which versions of IS-2 and with what unit(s) did they serve?)

Here is my current list for the 5th Panzer Army in the Ardennes. This only deals with vehicles, but I'd also like to know about any equipment like anti-tank guns, towed flak cannons, infantry equipment, etc. Please do make any corrections or additions necessary. Thank you!

5th Panzerarmee
Unit Type Quantity Combat?
S.Pz.Abt.506 Tiger B 41-48 Y 6 tanks supposedly in transit
S.Pz.Abt.506 "SPzK Hummel" Tiger E 8 Y Unit detached on 16 February 1945 with 5 operational Tiger Is
S.Pz.Abt.301 (attached to 9.Pz.Div) Tiger E 29 N Did not enter action until 20 January 1945; had 27 Tigers operational
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe von Boehm Panther G 14
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe CochenHausen Panther G 32
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe Holtmeyer StuG III/IV G 21
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe Holtmeyer PzKpfw IV J 28
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe Holtmeyer StuG III/IV G 27
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe Gutmann StuG III/IV G 10
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe Gutmann Panther Ausf. ? 14
2.Pz.Div Kampfgruppe Holtmeyer flakpz (Mobelwagen?) ?
130.Pz.Div "Lehr" Kampfgruppe von Fallois PzKpfw IV J ?
130.Pz.Div "Lehr" Kampfgruppe von Fallois Panzer IV/70 (V) ?
130.Pz.Div "Lehr" Kampfgruppe 901 PzKpfw IV J ?
130.Pz.Div "Lehr" Kampfgruppe 901 StuG III/IV G 18
130.Pz.Div "Lehr" Kampfgruppe 902 Panther G ?
130.Pz.Div "Lehr" Reserves (did not arrive until 25 Dec) Panzer IV/70 (V) ?
116.Pz.Div Panther Ausf. ? 64+2Bfw 16-Dec
116.Pz.Div PzKpfw IV Ausf. ? 27 16-Dec
116.Pz.Div SdKfz 7/2 2 16-Dec
116.Pz.Div Ostwind 3 16-Dec
116.Pz.Div Wirbelwind 3 16-Dec
116.Pz.Div StuG III/IV G 14 16-Dec
9.Pz.Div Panthers? ?
9.Pz.Div PzKpfw IV Ausf. ? ?

I also have a similar list for the American 2nd Armored Division and other units, but I've found such information difficult to come by. I'm keenly interested in similar info for equipment like trucks, field guns, towed weapons, artillery, etc for all combatants involved in Wacht am Rhein and Fruehlingserwachen.

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