Who bought my Mercedes ID Plate ( Afrikakorps )

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Who bought my Mercedes ID Plate ( Afrikakorps )

Post by einheitsdiesel » 07 Aug 2019 18:56

Who bought my Mercedes ID Plate (Afrikakorps)

Dear friends, I restore my Mercedes Benz LG3000 Radio Truck from the German Reichspost from 1938.
I bought the car in 2011 and I know the complete history of the car.

On Apr 01, 2018 a seller sold on Ebay my Alu ID plate, and a second plate from coachbuilder Dittmann for a price off $202.50.

In the advertisement : WW2 German Desert Vehicle Name Plate ID-Plate Afrikakorps, scarce

Original WWII German vehicle Identification plates. The upper one is from Mercedes Benz (DAIMLER BENZ AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT) from a vehicle build in 1938 and which was in action in Northern Africa with the Afrikakorps, as well as the second plate from “DITTMANN FAHRZEUGBAU GMBH BERLIN WITTENAU” 1940 dated. Both plates are mounted on a board, might be done during the war or shortly after as the soldier took these 2 shields as memory back home from Africa after giving up these vehicles. They came from the heritage of a German driver of the 21st Panzerdivision Afrika! The high bidder also gets 2 Xerox copies from the soldier certification documents which I own in my collection. The first one is for the long distance driving award in Northern Africa by the Afrikakorps and the other is for the war merit cross 2nd class with swords. Both certification documents were awarded in Africa! First time I am able to offer such WW2 German vehicle ID plates! Please note that I also have some other items from this soldier including vehicle panel instruments. -I send the item via registered Airmail

The chassis number on the plate and my car is 4006307017, the number of the coachbuilder 35103.

The story of the Afrikakorps is complete fake and I can proof that of course.

It would be great that I become the ID Plates back to my car, HELP ME please to become the plates back. I will buy them back from the Ebay new owner, we can make a deal over the price and I can send the Original Documentation that the history nothing has to do with the Afrikakorps. Please send me a PM, kind regards from Hans Rinsma
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