1944 data for the Tiger I vs. USA/UK tanks

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1944 data for the Tiger I vs. USA/UK tanks

Post by Miles Krogfus » 05 Sep 2019 23:37

For Summer 1944 armor combats, here are some pages from two OKH documents that were intended to give preliminary (and thus approximate) figures concerning the guns and armor plate that new American and British tanks had (pages 1 and 2.) The second page is Anlage 3 of OKH document 1916/44. Pages 3 and 4 here, Anlage 1 of the July 5,1944 OKH document, also mention the new T34/85 and JS tanks.
As I have mentioned before in relation to German firing tables, the ranges to begin fire at enemy tanks and to beware of them are not intended to be the exact and thus any "last word" on these matters but starting points for crews to work beyond as their tactics developed and their survival lasted in the field.
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Re: 1944 data for the Tiger I vs. USA/UK tanks

Post by Stiltzkin » 06 Sep 2019 03:38

These documents are also available in T78 R620.

Noteworthy parts of the document:

1.) The penetration/vulnerability ranges were juxtaposed.
2.) All comparisons feature the front of the respective AFV, the most protected area.
3.) Since there is no data on the capabilities of enemy guns available, calculations were based on the following assumptions/approximations [...]
4.) Whether shorter caliber with higher quality material/higher quality of manufacturing offsets the advantages of longer caliber guns of inferior design, remained unsubstantiated/unanswered.
5.) Due to the lack of information on muzzle velocities and projectile weights of enemy guns, calculations/extrapolations were based on existing German data.
6.) All distances over 2000m were estimated based on the (curve) trend up to 2000m
7.) Hit probabilities were not taken into consideration.
8.) Plate material was normalized to German plate quality.


3.) Russian values were calculated by Wa Prüf (BuM)
4.) All ranges refer to the front of the tank, factoring out a different striking angle/or leaving the angle of attack unaccounted for

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