Survivability On Blown Up Turrets

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Alex Tijerina
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Survivability On Blown Up Turrets

Post by Alex Tijerina » 08 Sep 2019 22:02

I have always wonder when I see the pictures of blown up turrets on what the survivable rate was for the crew inside.

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Re: Survivability On Blown Up Turrets

Post by bam » 10 Sep 2019 19:53

In Ian Woods book about the Totenkopf Panther Abteilung, he tells the story of the death of the abteilung kommandeur at the start of the Konrad 1 offensive in Hungary, Jan 2 1945.
The Befehlspanther I01 of SS-Sturmbannführer Meierdress was hit in the turret rear by an SU85. The turret was blown off, it says, killing all the turret crew, but the driver and radio operator in the front of the Hull were alive, slightly wounded. Later the tank went back to the repair echelon. Now from my memory, I can't say for certain if Wood described the turret as blown clean off or just dislodged. But he did say the turret was off.

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