KV-85 armor values generated from German photos.

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Re: KV-85 armor values generated from German photos.

Post by Yoozername » 30 Mar 2020 03:53

Contender wrote:
29 Mar 2020 15:23
Yoozername wrote:
26 Mar 2020 03:54
IF I were a Tiger commander, I would try and get 88mm FlaK rounds with not percussion fuse, but a dialed in altitude fuse, so I could harrass ground targets at 4000 meters with airbursts.
German & british (I am uncertain about us or soviet but I expect they could as well) HE shells within Afv's could be switched from impact to a timed fuse.
Yes, but that is a different from what mobius and myself are saying.

You are speaking about delay on fusing. Most nations had HE with this. Impact fusing is a 'super-quick' action that is mechanically driven and results in something nearly instantaneous. Delay allows things like penetration into buildings/structures, and then detonating. A good use is to have a ricochet shot. It bounces off the ground, and then effects an air-burst.Some nations stored rounds in one or the other setting is my reading.

But, having a tracer on a HE round is not something my reading shows in WWII, may not have been available to the large warrior nations. The tracer shows the trajectory in real-time. Almost essential for most antitank weapons. It is needed to see how you missed, and how to adjust. A feedback system if you will.

For as weapon like the Soviet 152mm and 122mm weapons, that can absolutely have positive effects with HE; I would want a tracer!

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