Burnt out Tiger recovery.

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Burnt out Tiger recovery.

Post by Michael Kenny » 30 Jan 2020 20:51

Panzer Truppen 2 page 129 has some interesting information about 'burnt out' vehicles. It would suggest that burnt out Tigers were recovered:

sPz Abt 509, Dec 19-31 1943.
Panzer Truppen 2 pg 129 Burnt out T.jpg
The 'burned out' Tigers were at the Werkstatt so had been recovered to that position and it appears that they were reluctantly left behind because of the shortage of towing vehicles.

The emergency evacuation was around Dec 24.
Schneider (TIC I) lists one Tiger as a total loss on Dec 13 when it caught fire towing another Tiger and a second Tiger is recorded written off on Dec 19th after mine damage.
Panzer Truppen 2 page 126 has '3 of the Tigers attacking in the front line ran onto mines' with no further information.
Schneider says '2 Tigers ran over mines (1 total loss)' instead of the 3 mentioned in Jentz.

Trojca(Tiger 1942-43 Vol. 1) page 266 says on Dec 20th 2 Tigers were destroyed and 8 damaged but notes that other sources say 10 were knocked out and all recovered.

Has anyone got a copy of the original sPz. Abt 509 document for Dec 19-31?
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