Length of paw 1000

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Length of paw 1000

Post by David Hume » 21 Apr 2020 19:52

(originally posted in artillery sub forum, but find it more suitable for here )

In some graphs by Hilary Doyle, the paw 1000 seems at least 4m, as compared to the chasis of 38d.

However, from several sources the length of paw 1000 is 2.4m.
http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Waf ... onen-R.htm
"Bei Krupp wurde die 10-cm Panzerabwehr-Wurf-Kanone 10 H 64 entwickelt, welche mit dem System des "übergroßen Ladungsraumes" arbeitete. Ein Expansionsraum war konzentrisch um den Ladungsraum angeordnet und mit diesem durch zahlreiche Öffnungen verbunden. Die Treibladung wurde dabei als Ringkartusche um den Schaft der Wurfgranate gelegt. Diese Waffen hatten zwar Schußweiten von fast 5.000 m, bei einem Trefferbild von 1,5 x 1,5 m auf 1.000 m war diese Entfernung jedoch die maximalste zur Panzerbekämpfung. Die 900 kg schweren Waffen hatten ein 2.400 mm langes Rohr, aus dem eine 6,6 kg schwere Wurfgranate verschossen wurde. Diese konnte auf 1.000 m bis zu 200 mm Panzerung durchschlagen."

http://beyondthesprues.com/Forum/index. ... ic=3442.15
show the photo Image from which it seems 2.4m is reasonable. These photo looks similar to the "Krupp mock-up" from Ian Hogg's German_Artillery_of_World_War_Two.

https://en.topwar.ru/131537-protivotank ... aniya.html
http://alternathistory.com/8-sm-protivo ... r-germani/
These two sources mentioned the muzzle velocity for the 6.6 kg projectile is increased to 600 m/s from 520 m/s of paw 600. The pressure is 2100/700 as compare to 1200/550.

The length of of paw 600 is 3m. 10.5cm lefh 18 is aslo 3m, and the muzzle velocity is only 470m/s. And 7.5cm FK 38 is 2.55m, muzzle velocity 607m/s for a 6.3 kg projectile. The pressure in the barrel of the later two should be much more than paw 1000. This makes me suspicious if the low pressure in a 2.4m barrel can give a 6.6 kg projectile a 600m/s velocity.

On the other hand, to improve the effective range, the higher velocity seems necessary.

Do you think if Doyle just made a mistake, or paw 1000 should be longer than 2.4m?

By the way, lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de says the weight is 900 kg, while multiple sources including wikipedia says 1035 kg. This seem too large to be the difference from combat and total weight.

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