Strange details on Horst Krönke's Tiger 2

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Strange details on Horst Krönke's Tiger 2

Post by tracks031 » 26 Sep 2020 23:58

This Tiger 2 (belonging to Horst Krönke, nr. 124 sPz.Abt.505) have some odd details to it:
- 2 head lights mounted on the gun mantlet (1 not in view on this photo), 1 removed from the glacis plate
- white stripes painted on the tracks
- a "handle" mounted near the mudguard

What was the purpuse of these changes and the painted markings? How common where they?

It also has extra track pins on the glacis plate and a devil head on the gun barrel. Quite an unique looking wagon.


This was the Tiger 2 that famed model kit builder David Parker re-created for his book "Super King": ... 600/KT.jpg

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Re: Strange details on Horst Krönke's Tiger 2

Post by Blorange » 29 Sep 2020 01:44

I'd make the assumption that the headlights have been mounted in that way as the crew deemed that it was better to have them on the turret in case of target acquisition at night. Where the turret would be forward facing whilst driving normally - so the lights would function as normal, as though they had been on the front plate - but if the crew needed to see things to the side of the vehicle or behind it, they could just turn the turret - rather than the whole vehicle, or getting out and shining a torch.

Its not a modification that I've seen on other vehicles. Though of course turret mounted lights were a thing of the period. For instance look at Soviet light tanks like the BT-7 and T-26 (which had them similarly placed above the gun mantlet).

As for the handle. I'm guessing that it was for making climing up the front of the hull easier. Though similar grab handles (for instance on Tiger 131 at The Tank Museum) were mounted horizontally). Still, it may have been up to crew choice how it was mounted. Alternatively it may be that it was used as a mounting point for stowage. I'm not sure on what the purpose of the other object mounted in the middle of the glacis is other than for stowage too. Perhaps a place to tie a rope or cable too?

With the tracks. It may be some identifier. Maybe to show what's new track and old if tracks had to be swapped out in the field? As the paint would be worn off if they were actually used. Or it could be that the bare metal of the tracks stood out against the turret's paint, so the crew decided to apply some paint to conceal them more (but left some areas paint to create a contrasing pattern for camo). Though in most cases where tracks have been painted they just paint the whole thing.

I'm not sure what the black spherical object is to the left of the commander's cupola either.

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