Night Vision on the Panther F

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Night Vision on the Panther F

Post by IAR80 » 31 Mar 2002 13:01

I heard somewhere that there were plans to equip some Panthers with FG 1250 infra red sight and a telescopic range finder and was supposed to be paired with a SPW 251/20 Owl equipped with a 60cm infrared searchlight.
Has this project ever taken off?

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Post by MaPen » 31 Mar 2002 13:52


there is some interesting info here:


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FG 1250, SPW 251/20 Owl

Post by ZARATHUSTRA » 31 Mar 2002 15:22

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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 31 Mar 2002 20:43

Yes the SdKfz 251/20 was manufactured on the Ausf D chassis and was known as 'Uhu' (Owl).

Along with IR fitted Panthers the Owl's peformed well illuminating the battlefield with the IR searchlight.

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Abel Ravasz
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Post by Abel Ravasz » 31 Mar 2002 22:06

I'd like to add that there were german panzers in battle at the eastern front in Hungary in january 1945, operation Konrad III to establish contact with Budapest, using the forces of IV.SS PC (panzer corps), I.PC and some other units- the divisions are Wiking, Totenkopf, 1., 3., 6., 8., 20., 23. panzer divisions plus 3. kavallerie brigade and other infantry units. Although as far as I know only one PC used the equipment, and it wasn't the SS.

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