Early v. Late War Panther & burning easily

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Post by kobold » 24 Sep 2005 23:08

Here's a shot of its interior (c) Hippo:


and rear: (c) Hippo:

2 more shots also (c) Hippo
http://www.walkerboyz.pwp.blueyonder.co ... nther1.jpg
http://www.walkerboyz.pwp.blueyonder.co ... nther4.jpg

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Von Schwerin
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Post by Von Schwerin » 25 Sep 2005 11:19

You're a VERY naughty boy! Going to Detling and NOT talking to me!!!! Next time I will send the Feldjager to hunt you down!!!! Nice pic though and a good indication of the hard work that went into her considering she came off the range looking like this. ©SdKfz.com


A bit off topic but I found this picture of the Panther under restoration here in UK - (I tend not to post mine as I am in a position of trust and folks don't always want their projects publicising visually while they are ongoing.) posted on the net. I can assure you she doesn't look like this now. She sits with the hull fully reconned, in paint and primer, Zimmeritted up and the tracks are now fitted. Next step is the Gearbox in followed by the Engine Bay populating. Turret is clean and stands nearby - awaiting refurb..... A long way to go but further down the road than this when she came into the yard.... (incidentally, the guy has TWO more which he plans to do as BergPanther and BefehlsPanther)


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