German Night Vision tanks of world war ii

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Post by Delta Tank » 31 Oct 2005 02:48

To all,

The following is from US Army in World War II, The War in the Pacific, Okinawa: The Last Battle, by Appleman, Burns, Gugeler, and Stevens (Official History of the US Army). Page 38:

. . . Each division was issued 110 sniperscopes and 140 snooperscopes, devices fro seeing in the dark by means of infrared radiation; the former were mounted on carbines and permitted accurate night firing, while the latter were on hand-held mounts and could be used for night observation and signaling. . . .


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Post by Latimer » 31 Oct 2005 05:10

Stills from footage - taken from Snipers, Digivision

Sorry should this really be in Small arms? I guess its a cross related thread
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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 03 Mar 2006 16:38

Marcus Jaugitz in "Funklenkpanzer" :
At the beginning of 1945 Versuchszug Leutnant Haas was formed ( note : at the Panzer-VersuchsuAusbAbt. 300 in Eisenach ) with 4 Panthers equipped with image-sensor-devices. The Platoon was sent to Hungary and was employed in the fightings at Lake Balaton . Commanding the Panthers were Leutnant Haas , Feldwebel Boll , Feldwebel Deichfuß and Unteroffizier Cibis. The experimental Platoon achieved a number of kill with the new equipment and was much feared by the enemy side - mainly because of its night operations
To find on page 506 od the mentioned book :wink:


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Post by weiss » 03 Mar 2006 20:20

..and the thread is resurrected!...

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Re: German Night Vision tanks of world war ii

Post by Alejandro_ » 27 Jul 2011 22:09

To find on page 506 od the mentioned book

It would be good if more detail is provided in order to compare with Russian side of the story. This was published in short ago. Translation was done using google but I have clarified a few things:

It is noteworthy to say that starting from January 12-13, the Germans began to be widely used practice of night attacks, demonstrating his excellent preparation for such a complex mind battle. For Soviet troops it was quite unexpected, because previous experience had strengthened the view that Germans do not like night battles. At night, the Germans acted in a very small units (1-3 tanks or self-propelled guns and up to a platoon of infantry), sending for their support vehicles, armored vehicles or trucks with headlights on, creating the illusion of a large armored units. In some cases, they even used dummy tanks made out of plywood with headlights on.

For a time the Soviet tank crews could not understand the reason of high performance enemy fire during the night. But on January 18-19 in the defense of the 18th Tank Regiment (TR) was captured by the tank "Panther" installed on it with infrared night sight. ... ml?start=3

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Re: German Night Vision tanks of world war ii

Post by foldboy » 28 Jul 2011 09:24

Sheesh can this nonsense stop - or be moved to the 1946 Section!

Despite the numerous threads on websites and other 'authoriative' sources there is no evidence of any operational use of IR equipped German AFVs. I recall the perceived view is that, in fact, only one Panther was actually equipped for trials.

I believe Michael Kenny stated a similar view in an earlier thread.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the credibility of the website (which is pretty sound) rests on historical accuracy rather than the endless retreading of urban myths!

End of rant - anyone up for Maus in Action!



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Re: German Night Vision tanks of world war ii

Post by Alejandro_ » 05 Aug 2011 16:48

I asked the author of the article if the could provide more detail/reference to a document but its not possible, so without any reference it cannot be classified as reliable.

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German Night Vision tanks of World War II

Post by nebelwerferXXX » 07 Aug 2011 00:08

Nice information about IR units of the war...

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