10,5cm LeFH18 auf Turan

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10,5cm LeFH18 auf Turan

Post by Petrus » 30 Nov 2005 19:22

In the forum.valka.cz forum there is an interesting topic (http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/19454) with info on a self-propelled 10,5-cm howitzer on the chassis of the Turan tank.

Here is what it reads in the Czech language:
Po vojne,tuším v roku 1947 vznikla v Škodovke namontovaním ľahkej húfnice FH 18 ráže 105 mm na ukoristenom podvozku maďarského tanku Turán (licenčne vyrábaná upravená československá konštrukcia Š-IIc), takáto úprava na samohybné delo. Vraj bol prototyp od výrobcu československou armádou prebratý.Viac informácií mi chýba.
As I can understand this means that in 1947 there was such a vehicle built (or at least designed) at the Skoda factory, i.e. in what was then Czechoslovakia.

The image you may find over there however has a caption in Hungarian.

So my question is quite simple:

Was the self-propelled howitzer designed during the war in Hungary or - as the Czech forum says - two years after the war had ended in Czechoslovakia?

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Post by Lkefct » 02 Dec 2005 21:13

Is this thing supposed to be sort of a Stuh type of vehicle (direct fire) or more of a Wespe type of SP gun (Indirect), or a hybrid?

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Post by brano » 03 Dec 2005 15:47

This is Czechoslavakian project from 1947 year.Existing army orders on the new two antitank assault gun(75mm),two 105 mm howitzer a.g. and two 150mm howitzer a.g.
Existing only this "Turán" prototype from all this projects.
It´s rebuilding hungary Turán.More informations is no possibility.In 50.years more military informations is most secrets.
Prototype ended in scrapyard.

Sorry,my english is bad.

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