Hohenstaufen Panther G markings ?

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Hohenstaufen Panther G markings ?

Post by Knittel » 21 Apr 2006 13:49

Hi board,

I'm new to this forum which I'm currently browsing and there are a lot of interesting topics to me :)
And so excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong section.
Anyway I'm currently modelling a Panther G frühe version and willing to depict it on a Normandy based diorama.
It would be located in the rough square perimeter between St Martin de Fontenay, Verrieres, Fontenay le Marmion and May sur Orne around 25/7/44.
Cross checking my documentation shows that the Hohenstaufen Division was engaged there at that time.

This ends the modelling stuff and leads me to my question. I browsed some other modelling/axis forums to determine which color were the 9.SS Pz Rgt Panther markings.
At the moment, the most common guess is yellow numbers with black outline.
Anyone could confirm or correct it ?

On another hand, next project is an Ardennes scene, more precisely after KG Peiper's Honsfeld rush.
Once again my web browsing gave me this information : At Losheim, Peiper abandoned its Panther (Befhel ?) 001 due to engine problems and embarked on Jupp Diefenthal's SPW (251 ?).
Would anyone have any idea of which version was Diefenthal's SPW (my guess would be a 251/3 or/6 :? ) ?
And of course if any picture or link is available it would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

Thanks in advance for any corrective element or link, picture, whatsoever....

PS :Sorry for my english, I'm french. :lol:

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Re: Hohenstaufen Panther G markings ?

Post by AKahl » 12 Aug 2019 05:53

Apologizing in advance for the 13 year delay.

According to Jean Paul Pallud's Ardennes 1944: Peiper and Skorzeny, Diefenthal's 3rd Battalion Command halftrack was an Sd.Kfz 251/3 Funkpanzerwagen Ausf. D, with a crow's foot antenna. It had a standard, non-ambush, sprayed 3 color camo pattern, and the vehicle was also heavily camouflaged with pine branches. It had a White and Black balkenkreuz on each side, and the divisional insignia on the right front of the Engine cover/glacis plate, but no numbers.

According to Danny Parker's Fatal Crossroads, it's occupants, as of the Baugnez Crossroads and Ligneauville, were Lieutenant Colonel Jochen Peiper, Captain Josef Diefenthal, driver Corporal Paul Zwigart, radioman Corporal Hans Assenmacher, and assistant radioman Corporal Paul Fackelmayer.

I can post a copy of the illustration of Diefenthal's half-track from Pallud's book, and created by David Parker, if that is considered proper, but will await guidance on that, to avoid disrespecting the property of those gentlemen.
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