Seeking Nuremberg code # for this 1941 Tätigkeitsbericht- NOKW-XXXX

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Seeking Nuremberg code # for this 1941 Tätigkeitsbericht- NOKW-XXXX

Post by NTrialsArchive » 27 Feb 2021 15:55

I'm working with Nuremberg docs at an archive (remotely), and current task is assigning the correct evidence file codes (i.e., NG-0000, NOKW-0000) to documents that lack these. I have a 14 pg document (photostat) entitled "Tätigkeitsbericht AO vom 15.5.41 - 12.12.41" - on top left is the notation "AOK 17 Ic/AO" cover sheet reads Beilage zum KTB Nr.1 Ic. The entries begin at 22.6.41 with what appears to be a description of troops entering outskirts of Lemberg/Lvov/L'viv. Individuals mentioned are Oblt. Wieczorreck, Major v. Riesen, Major Tiedemann, Oblt. Lohmann, Kom. Wilke, Hptm Irtel; places mentioned: Lemberg, Jaroslau, Korzenica, Przworsk, Lubaczow. The document has "WB 2476" handwritten on all pages - this is some kind of source/provenance code. Unlike all other documents in this group, it does not match anything that I have in terms of SEAs, Eng transcripts, or German transcripts. Because of its significance, I really need to find a Nuremberg code for it (otherwise we can't upload it to the web next year with all of our other docs). I know this doc also exists at the BA but I have not been able to extract a Nuremberg # for it. Can anyone assist with this? It is obviously an NOKW doc. It is the numerical suffix I am seeking. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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Re: Seeking Nuremberg code # for this 1941 Tätigkeitsbericht- NOKW-XXXX

Post by Mori » 27 Feb 2021 21:17

(I'm not helping, I know, but:) is there an NOKW index available somewhere?

Your description could point to a NARA Roll, check them from T312 R662. Not obvious to find how this same document was stored in another collection.

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Re: Seeking Nuremberg code # for this 1941 Tätigkeitsbericht- NOKW-XXXX

Post by steve248 » 04 Mar 2021 13:06

I think the WB numbers were used by the War Crimes Units.
I have two documents signed (typewritten) by Emil Rickheimer, Translation Section, War Crimes Unit, D.A.L.S.; I do not know who the D L A S was, but it looks like a translation agenmcy of the US Prosecution agency.
The first document signed by Emil R above is "Extract Translation of Document No. WB-2108 (NOKW-1717)", a document produced the Army's Ortkommandtur (V) 287, Feodosia, 1 May 1942.
A second document by the above, "Extract Translation of Document No. WB. 1475 War Crimes Unit" (no NOKW number mentioned) again produced by OK Feodosia, 15 March 1942.
A third example is a document with the handwritten notation "WB-4501" from BAMA Freiburg, RH 20-11/488, a document by Einsatzgruppe D dated 12 Feb 1942. No NOKW number attached to it.

I wonder whether this WB series was produced for US Military Tribunal, Case 12 (the High Command case).

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