I/KG54 mission-KIA-MIA list?

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I/KG54 mission-KIA-MIA list?

Post by Joda » 02 Apr 2024 13:11

Hallo all,

I'm looking (if existing) rolls concerning KG54, expecally I/KG54, with mission list, KIA member list or MIA during mid-late 1943.

Maybe anyone can help me..?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: I/KG54 mission-KIA-MIA list?

Post by Melax » 02 Apr 2024 17:00


not 100% what you are looking for, but do you know of the "Vermistenbildlisten des DRK" (lists of missing people by the German Red Cross)?

you can find them here: https://vbl.drk-suchdienst.online/Feldp ... r/FPN.aspx

if you enter enter the following: for "Band" - LH; "Seite" - 575 - you will find the pictures of KG 54 - I/KG 54 starts at LH 577

maybe this is helping - at least for some MIA personal,


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Re: I/KG54 mission-KIA-MIA list?

Post by hucks216 » 04 Apr 2024 15:43

Not rolls but the book Kampfgeschwader 54 Von Der JU52 Zur ME262 by Siegfried Radtke has lists of those crews KIA/MIA with the dates.

And Invenio/Bundesarchiv now have the Luftwaffe loss lists that you can download for free.

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