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Re: Captured German military records online: ""

Post by militaryhistoryvisualized » 08 May 2019 02:42

I know that some documents were pulled (I had links that didn't work anymore), I dropped an email to the admin and he let me know that they had pulled some old documents that were lacking water marks. Yet, from what I know, those I had issues with had "returned" by now.

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Re: Captured German military records online: ""

Post by Mori » 08 May 2019 10:36

Tom Peters wrote:
08 May 2019 02:24
I was looking through Findbuch 12474 (Korps) and I noticed that Akte 624 seems to be missing. I know further material for 47th Pz Korps exists as I have the original Russian translations from 10 years ago (a few pages at least). Was this pulled, or is there any mention of this ?

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AFAIK, 12474-624 was never published. And they haven't scanned it. It's not the only such case, there are more gaps in the numbering. For 12474, ca. 10 files are not on the website.

It can well be that these Akten never existed to start with - there are similar gaps in the numbering of NARA rolls- , or that they don't exist anymore - too damaged to be of use. Impossible to tell.

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