D Day only English translation of AOK 7 Telephone log

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D Day only English translation of AOK 7 Telephone log

Post by pamak » 22 Jun 2018 22:49

Hello everybody,

I found some interesting information about the different archives related to the telephone transcripts of the Seventh Army during D Day which I thought I should share with you.

As I was recently reading about D Day, I noticed in the bibliography that certain files related to the telephone log of the Seventh Army (German) for the 6th of June came from sources other than NARA. In the beginning, I thought that I could find the equivalent NARA rolls with the same information, but after going through the NARA guides for the field armies, I saw that there were not there any microfilms related to the AOK 7 Telephone log for the 6th of June. NARA rolls do have telephone logs for the Seventh Army but none of those includes the 6th of June, If any of you is interested in finding more about these German telephone logs o the 6th of June, you may have to order them from two sources that I found. Please notice that I have not checked with them to see if and how one can order photocopies of these documents.

The first is located at the Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers at the Ohio University Library

https://www.library.ohio.edu/archives/m ... -germ.html

Box 26 Folder 6

Seventh Army (AOK 7) War Diary.

Telephone log, June 6, 1944 (Ts, 23p.; c.2 carbon, 23p.).

I have not checked if a non-student can order a photocopy of this document.

The second source is at the Imperial War Museum.

The designation of the file is unclear and I have not located any guide to help me.
According to Richard Hargreaves, the file is in f the EDS (Enemy Document Section) and is designated as AL 528/1/2 P F Seventh Army telephone log, June 6th-30th 1944 (not sure what P F stands for).


I still have not figured if and how I can order the transcripts for the 6th of June since I have not found any specific information on their site...

Also, can somebody tell me if there is a complete T-312 R-1568 roll? According to the NARA catalogue, it has the conversations from the Seventh Army's telephone log starting from July 1944.

Thank you

Paul Makris

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Re: D Day only English translation of AOK 7 Telephone log

Post by Mori » 23 Jun 2018 10:02


Email me if you want a copy of T312 R1568.

From my experience, the private collections of authors can include a few interesting material but are hardly ever satisfying. You find the documents the writers found the most interesting for their books, while you actually want the whole series of documents.

For example, instead of the Intelligence Summary of Dec 15th, eve of the Bulge, what a serious scholar wants is the whole lot of Int Sum for the weeks before, in order to understand the overall frame of mind of the actors. It was more difficult (longer, more expensive) to copy full folders in the 20th century that today. And most of documents these authors could not access easily are now open to anyone.

In the last collection I saw the author had organized a card system to sort material by topic. At first, it seemed useful. But these cards were cut /paste of other documents - I mean: cissors cut of documents, stuck on white cards. A significant part were extracts from a green book, which the author had xeroxed, cut and pasted... No one would do that today. And it was so time consuming the guy could only process a few sources this way. We do that faster and more efficiently today, which is another reason the old private collections are disappointing for the contemporary scholar. They include much fewer documents that what is routinely collected at a visit at NARA.

More valuable is oral history, that is interviews run by the authors. By definition, this does not exist elsewhere. But watch out: the official historians, Americans, British, Canadians, did many such interviews themselves, and had a much easier time accessing high level officials than private researchers. Similarly, the 300+ combat interviews performed on the spot during the campaign are by definition of wider scope and of more relevance than post war interviews of veterans (except that such combat interviews only really existed for the US in the NW Europe, nothing for PTO, hardly anything for the Bristish during and before NW Europe).

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Re: D Day only English translation of AOK 7 Telephone log

Post by pamak » 23 Jun 2018 22:13

Thank you Mori for the reply and offer.

I never had the opportunity to browse such private collections, so I found your information very interesting.

I will email you


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