SS-RuSHA files incomplete?

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SS-RuSHA files incomplete?

Post by RichD-M » 06 Oct 2018 10:28

I recently sent a request to NARA for two RuSHA files, one beginning surname letter "S", the other surname beginning "W". They replied to say they had located the file for "S", but not "W". Would this imply their holdings of RuSHA files are incomplete or that "W" did not have a RuSHA file? According to the email from NARA:

"There is also a considerably longer file for him (over 100 frames) in the sub-series "Rasse-und-Siedlungs-Hauptamt (RuSHA) (RS)" on roll F588, starting on frame 2683."

Has anyone else had experience trying to obtain these files?

Many thanks,

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