Questions about Ritterkreuz-Vorschläge

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Questions about Ritterkreuz-Vorschläge

Post by pintere » 25 Mar 2019 01:36

At the moment I’m in the middle of a massive research effort concerning the holders of the Knight’s Cross. My main focus is the specific actions that led to their receiving the award. I’ve invested heavily into as much extant literature as I can find that provides this sort of detailed information, and my efforts are paying off quite well. By now I have such award information available for roughly half of the total no. of recipients.

However by now it looks like I’m reaching the limits of what can be discovered by relying purely on secondary material, and am preparing to start up some primary research of my own. And so my attention is being drawn to what are probably the most relevant documents for the sort of information I’m looking for, the original Vorschläge accompanying each award.

I was hoping to ask the members of the forum some questions about these documents to help me in my research on this subject.

1. Whereabouts can the original Vorschläge be found? I imagine that they would be in the German federal archives, but if there are other repositories that contain substantial numbers of them (websites, archives, etc.) I would be glad to know about those as well.

2. What sort of logistical concerns can I anticipate when doing archival research? Like I said I have not done any myself to this point and would appreciate any advice for how to do it right. I plan on visiting Germany next year primarily for the purpose of doing this research and want to know how to prepare appropriately. Which cities are the relevant archives located in? Do I need to book appointments in advance? What sort of financial cost would be incurred when doing archival research? These are all questions I’d rather have answers to well in advance.

3. What is the distribution of the surviving Vorschläge? It’s probably the case that not all of these original award documents have survived and that’s understandable. Nevertheless it would be good to know roughly what proportion have survived and in which branches of the Wehrmacht. With the Waffen-SS for instance it seems that Vorschläge still exist for the vast majority of the recipients. What about those from the Heer? Luftwaffe? Kriegsmarine?

4. When reproducing these in my own work are there any potential copyright issues if they’ve been taken from archives?

Any help is most appreciated!

Edward L. Hsiao
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Re: Questions about Ritterkreuz-Vorschläge

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 04 Apr 2019 23:28

Dear Pintere,

Good to hear from you again. Yes I really like to know of particular actions of the specific German soldiers of the Wehrmacht that lead to recommendations and receiving their Knight's Crosses especially the last months of 1944 and the few months of 1945. I wish you whole heartedly in your research for this year. Sincerely,
Edward L. Hsiao

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