Frau Carina Notzke

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Piet Duits
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Frau Carina Notzke

Post by Piet Duits » 30 May 2022 21:42

Hi all,

I just learned that on 30.1.2022 Frau Carina Notzke passed away at the age of 49.
Frau Notzke used to work at the Benutzersaal at the Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv in Freiburg, until she was promoted out of that place.
The next job she got was to reorganise part of the collection, starting with the W-SS records. She told me that she started from scratch, as so much material was mislabeled and got "lost" in the decades before her. Each time a new person tried to reorganise, they invented a new "system". She was there to end this, and it resulted in the Barch RS- material you can now find partially digitalized online.

From time to time, I came across her at other positions within the Bundesarchiv, and heard she was doing a good job. At one time, I hoped she would become boss over there.
It's a real shame. She will be missed.

Tom Peters
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Re: Frau Carina Notzke

Post by Tom Peters » 31 May 2022 02:55

Piet, thank you for posting this. We should all be grateful for the efforts of those who try and organize the huge amount of papers that survived the war.

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Simon V.
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Re: Frau Carina Notzke

Post by Simon V. » 31 May 2022 12:02

That's indeed sad news Piet. I remember her very well as I had the privilige to visit her in the Hochbau.
She will be missed.

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