need: NARA T315 R783 Page 0338 in good resolution

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need: NARA T315 R783 Page 0338 in good resolution

Post by Melax » 27 Jun 2022 19:59


does anybody have the roll of 22.Infanteriedivision NARA T315 R783 in a good resolution? I only have found a very bad copy -.-

the whole role would be great to have but I REALLY need at least 1 page - a piece of the map "Lagekarte Ia vom 1.8.-8.9.43" (the Lagekarte of Crete just before the italien surrender/Fall Achse.

The part of the map I really need is the one with the "Meesara-Bucht" (in my copy page 0338) - the whole map would be awsome but the one piece with Messara-Bucht I am really really looking for. I really need a good resolution which is readable and maybe even printable...

If anybody has the roll and would help me out it would be really great,



PS: just saw that in R783 there are more "Lagekarten" with the Messara-Bucht - in my copy page 0023, 0283, 0526 - also I would be happy to get a readable copy of the Mirabella-Bucht after the italian surrender, in my copy page 0524 ... sorry for this ... :/

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