POW information at archives?

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POW information at archives?

Post by army group south » 02 Jan 2023 23:45


I have a question about information about German POW’s after their capture at the end of the war.
What I have found at ICRC was a telegram written by my Opa searching for his brother. I have the place he was released after capture.
Does anyone know if the archives in the area have info on his place of capture and the unit he was with? I will try to attach the telegram below, but I am wondering if it is worth paying to have someone do a search for me as I cannot make it over there at this time?
Let me know. Thanks. S
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Re: POW information at archives?

Post by steve248 » 14 Jan 2023 14:44

In the 1950s the British and US governments handed over to the West German government all their individual German POW records. I think the French and other countries did the same.
The reason why so little is found in the archives of the UK and USA on this point.
The records handed over formed the basis for WAst which is now the Deutsche Dienststelle based in Berlin. They have a website where you can apply for details.

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Re: POW information at archives?

Post by CogCalgary » 14 Jan 2023 15:29

You would think that the U.S and Britain would have retained copies.
They washed their hands of it.

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