Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

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Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by Jeff Leach » 19 Feb 2023 11:48

I am considering a visit to BAMA later this year or next year and was wondering if there is anything important to know before visiting.

Any advice on the best (hopefully cheap) place to stay.
If I stayed a week, would there be access to the collections all week? Are places to sit usually available.

I want to examine: Einsatzbereitschaft, Fliegende Verbände RL 2-III/700-735, 64 volumes,

Volumes 1-9 digitized, and I am hoping they will keep digitizing them to save me a visit.

Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by Eax-E » 19 Feb 2023 14:30

Hi Jeff,

B&B Hôtel Freiburg Süd is very fair. Bus station at 10 meters with direct line to BAMA, a few restaurant / supermaket not far from it.

If you reserved a place, you cat sit for sure.
Access to collection all week, take care of off-days of Germany.

smetanin albert
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Re: Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by smetanin albert » 19 Feb 2023 17:30


You can book accommodation in this area on

In this area(Lichtenfelde), prices are two times lower than in the central areas of the city.
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Re: Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by FransN » 19 Feb 2023 23:00

# Jeff
I visited BAMA in 2016, 2017 and 2020 and stayed in Landgasthof "Frohe Einkehr" in Merzhausen. Check prices in e.g. for the period you want to visit (it's reasonable). Good single room. Free parking. Poor WiFi in my room on the top-floor, but better in the restaurant. Good restaurant. Friendly people.
On your 15 minutes walk from this hotel to BAMA (located in an industrial area on the outskirts of Freiburg), you'll pass a residential area called "Quartier Vauban". There are some shops, supermarkets and at least one restaurant here. From Quartier Vauban you can take tram 3 to the inner city of Freiburg, something you should really do!
You can write an e-mail to for booking a table in the reading room. You are not allowed to make photocopies, but, if the files do not contain too sensitive material (files coded in red), you can make photos using a camera and/or your mobiles (my tip: do both). You can bring a laptop. There are plenty of sockets for charging. No ballpoints allowed, but pencils are.
There are lockers for your luggage. Bring some euro coins. There is a vending machine for coffee and some sweets. That's it. For lunch: Go out through the gate and turn right, underneath the railway passing. There is a lunch shop at the next right-hand street corner.
# Albert
You are referring to Lichtenfelde. Sounds like Berlin to me.....

Best regards,

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Re: Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by Orlov » 24 Feb 2023 23:31

Dear Jef
I confirm Frans words about the guest house "Frohe Einkehr" in Merzhausen.
I was lucky with the internet because I lived on the first floor. I will add a nice 1.5km walk to BA-MA.
You can also consider renting an apartment or a room in the beautiful green district of Vauban - there are also nice restaurants or shopping in supermarkets: REWE, ALDI and Allnatura. And closer to BA-MA
I wish you a successful query - maybe we will meet.
Bestreg Orlov

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Piet Duits
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Re: Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by Piet Duits » 03 Mar 2023 21:58

I'll be visiting the BA-MA in 2 months, and will stay in the Hotel zum Schiff for the first time.

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Re: Visiting BAMA 2023/2024

Post by andrew184 » 19 Mar 2023 12:45

I visited on two occasions for several days in 2019 and 2020. I stayed at the B&B HOTEL Freiburg Süd on both occasions. The prices are great and the check-in and -out process is very easy and hassle free - you'll be sent the code you need to open your door on the day of arrival, nothing more to it. There is a bakery there for your daily breakfast and also a Kaufland supermarket just across the road for other supplies (I bought my lunch for the next day there, for example). I was very happy with this place to stay and I would do the same were I to go again. The bus you need to catch to get to the archive (the stop you need for the archive is called Löracher Straße) is right next to the hotel. I got a week ticket to save the hassle of worrying about tickets every day.

You shouldn't have a problem staying all week at the MA. But you will need to contact the reading room in advance and reserve a desk.

You can order the files you need via Invenio. Some of the ones you want might have some kind of Sperrfrist or other restriction on them. Make a list of these files and request them in person when you are there, shouldn't be a problem to get them if you do that. If you think of any more files you need while you are there, just let the staff know and they'll get them for you.

Make sure you have a 2 euro coin for the lockers downstairs - and some change for the coffee machine.

When you arrive, go to the guy in the security box outside to sign in, your name will be on a list so he'll be expecting you. He's a nice chap.

That's all I can think of. Good luck!

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