German officer search - Major Wolfgang von Wartenburg 1899-1944

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German officer search - Major Wolfgang von Wartenburg 1899-1944

Post by loren63 » 02 Mar 2023 12:54

Dear all,

I have been searching, sof far with no success, a file card regarding Major Wolfgang, Yorck von Wartenburg 1899-1944 .

His complate name is Hans Ludwig David Viktor Wolfgang „Wolf“, Yorck von Wartenburg.
Dates of birth /death : Sept.9th, 1899 / Sept.12th, 1944.
From my genealogical searches, he is a cousin from the "20th July 1944 plotter" Peter von Wartenburg. They have a great-grand-father in common.

There are a few articles about Wolfgang von Wartenburg on the internet but nothing special regarding his military career in the second world war.

I only discovered his last unit was the Sich.-Rgt(mot.)1000 where he fought against maquis in the massif central in France in summer 1944. And I would be glad to know where and for which units he served before !

Thanks for reading.


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