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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by Mori » 06 Aug 2020 16:50

Last time I visited USAHEC was 3 years ago and they were still eager to have visitors at all. There was just another researcher in the reading room. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, it's really the research place I like best.

They did have a limit on oral history. Some regulations had come up saying that any "oral history" was to be doubled checked by historians before public release. I asked for files used in Hogan's green book (A Command post at war, published in 2000) but it would have taken a couple of weeks until historians could clear the file. I was back in Europe before this could be done.

This regulation was specific to USAHEC. The morning after, I was at NARA and easily got all interviews made by Pogue for his own green book...

Lesson learned: whenever you access a file, make a copy immediately. You may not be able to get in again next time.

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Re: Re:

Post by Mori » 06 Aug 2020 16:51

Richard Anderson wrote:
06 Aug 2020 16:35
It makes TNA and BAMA look like the most user-friendly archives on the planet, which is saying something. :thumbsup:
I find both pretty user-friendly. BAMA is really easy to navigate. TNA descriptions are extremely detailed at times (down to each single document in a folder), which is just great.

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Re: Re:

Post by history1 » 06 Aug 2020 20:38

Richard Anderson wrote:
06 Aug 2020 16:35
history1 wrote:
06 Aug 2020 14:28
No, Mori, same problem/situation here in Austria.
Guess it´s one of those cases where the USA let you see content only when they can spy on your pc at the same moment.
Nah, the average American institutional website managers aren't that clever. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by smetanin albert » 06 Aug 2021 06:05

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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by runkot » 01 Nov 2021 17:38

The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London:

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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by Darius333 » 01 Nov 2021 17:52

Oh, I see, they tuned their site.



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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by Mihai Pica » 08 Nov 2021 09:17 ... diale.html

Amazing Images coming from Ecpad and not only, constantly updated

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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by Helly Angel » 10 Nov 2021 07:50

Digitally researching Nazi history: The daily newspaper "Der Freiheitskampf" from Dresde is now available online ... verfuegbar

Even you can download in pdf any number between 1932 and 1945.

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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by Hans1906 » 10 Nov 2021 12:13

Thanks Helly, a very informative link !

Just mentioned in the FdW once again, the "Arolsen Archives"
Topic: ... -archives/

Arolsen Archives: (Multi-language website)

Arolsen Archives - International Center on Nazi Persecution: ... ersecution

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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by nickterry » 18 Jul 2022 16:13


Some of you may know that I maintain a directory of open access sources - digital archives, document exhibitions, published source editions, newspapers - at the Holocaust Controversies blog.
http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... s-and.html

As the archives, publications and editions tend to be about WWII and/or the Third Reich in general, or can be mined for these topics (eg open access newspapers), there will be a lot of useful links here.

I have embedded links to the more important Bundesarchiv record groups which are being digitised - while not complete, it does provide links that are not on the 'digitalisierte Bestaende' landing-page, since they've not updated that for ages. As will be seen, this extends to Freiburg record groups for Wehrmacht forces on the Eastern Front and elsewhere

My own interests in research and teaching are broader than just the Holocaust and very much extend to the military history of WWII, so I am contemplating creating a mirror version on a fresh blog site, which could then be split in different ways - either adding pages for predominantly military resources, or dividing up more precisely by type, thus a page for online archives, a page for published sources.

In my teaching and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects and dissertations, I end up with a steady number of WWII military dissertations, also on genocides and the Cold War, all of which have some intersection and overlap with the Third Reich and Holocaust.

I also have a page for open access secondary literature, but this has not been updated as regularly, and given the explosition of open access materials is falling considerably behind.
https://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot ... ndary.html
Given that official histories as well as other published series like the KTB Seekriegsleitung are online, there'd be a lot to add just on the military side.

I'd therefore welcome any suggestions for online archives of a more military focus, with at least some digitised materials, to include, and where to draw the line.

The criteria for inclusion would be that the source material is open access and functionally legal - i.e. no dubious ebook sites only open access ones, the uploads of NARA reels to non-NARA sites are basically the outer limit of what I consider legitimate, alongside (on the author's head be it if they upload their monograph...).

Languages concerned = any European language in Latin or Cyrillic alphabets. Regarding Russian/Ukrainian sources, there is a wealth of material to be integrated, e.g. from ... kollektsii as much as from

In a separate blog site, it'd also be quite easy to have a page of links to separate indexes, there are some obvious ones I have bookmarked, eg Mori's Sturmpanzer NARA reel concordances. (Indeed, the HC open access sources page already includes a link to the Foreign Military Studies uploads at Sturmpanzer even though these have nothing technically to do with the Holocaust...) I would include links to several of the AHF threads from this sub-forum alongside such indexes.

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Re: Archives and Institutions Online

Post by nickterry » 18 Jul 2022 18:19

Mori wrote:
18 Jul 2022 17:14
After a quick check on your site, a few ideas:

US records : 1st Infantry Division, ... esults.jsp
Their G2 records may include documents falling in your projet, esp. regarding 1945 liberation of camps.

Canadian records: ... kan_133700 (war diaries ; another link will point to CMHQ)
Same as above + these often include copies of British documents, otherwise not available digital

IfZ: ... gliederung
Zeugenschrifttum (= post war written testimonies) are digital. Maybe more, I haven't checked for a while.
Some of the ZS are output of post-war research projects, e.g., a lot deal with July 20th failed attempt to kill Hitler. Some sound very much Alltagsgeschichte before the concept was forged in the 1980's.
Copied from the other thread since this is not to do with NARA alone.

I have IfZ ZS under testimonies, but it probably should move to under Germany or be duplicated in the two sections. It was one of the early ones to be put online

Thanks for the two Allied references, I already reminded myself of the US and Canadian official histories and the US staff college digital library.

The idea for a separate site would be at the very least the WWII era as a whole.

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