Contacting Stalingrad Veterans

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Contacting Stalingrad Veterans

Post by Abyfor » 21 Dec 2004 15:59

Hello there,

For a number of years I have tried to get in touch with any veterans from the Battle of Stalingrad - unfortunately I thought I had gotten lucky - only for him to turn out bogus.
I have a keen interest in the subject and would like to ask a couple of personal questions regarding conditions, how they overcame difficulties and hardships - they are all in German and I am happy for these to be vetted.
Any help would be appreciated, Happy Christmas!

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Stalingrad questions

Post by rosey » 25 Dec 2004 16:43

what are the questions and I'll send them to my friend(via snail mail) and see what he comes up with. they can be in english or german. He's an old SS guy who fought on the eastern front, afterwards spent 6 years in a Russian prison camp.

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Post by AMVAS » 04 Feb 2005 15:10

Try to ask Artem Drabkin from
He's familiar with many veterans


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