Photograph reproduction in archives

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Photograph reproduction in archives

Post by Montezuma » 26 Apr 2005 21:32


I have a question regarding photograph reproduction from archives (specifically, the Canadian War Museum).

I want to make some reproductions of Black-and-White photographs (WWII). If there is no negative available, only photocopies can be made. The photocopying is in either Black-and-White and Colour.

I was just wondering: since the War Museum probably has good photocopying facilities, does the B&W photocopies of the B&W photographs come out good (as in, good enough quality to be in a book)?
Or if I want to get the photocopy as close to the original photograph as possible, I need to Colour photocopy? (I ask this because when I photocopy things, it turns out horrible. The quality is not good at all. The B&W shades are off)

Thanks very much for your help!


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Post by stril » 26 Apr 2005 23:18

I cant say how they do it in Canadadian archives or museums, but im sure there is not much difference in how things are done over here.
If only a positive is available and you order a copy, the photo is photocopied and a negative is made. You get a positive of that. The negative is then used for future orders.If you plan to use it in a book, a highquality scan is more than enough for that purpose. I have made some scans over the years that are used in books, and the publishers want them in Tif, 300dpi,
8 bits grey, usually 18 cm wide.

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