Luftnachrichten unit

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Luftnachrichten unit

Post by MiroLT » 29 Apr 2019 21:32

I am looking for information about unit " 21./Ln.Vers.Rgt.(mot.) " Name of this unit I found on Befehl from 12.3.1943. It is about my granduncle (born 1922), who was member of this unit (in 1943). He should serve in France like radio operator on Junkers Ju 88. He survived war and died in 1997. Thanks for all information...

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Re: Luftnachrichten unit

Post by Larry D. » 05 May 2019 18:37

On 15.5.44, 21./Ln.-Versuchs-Rgt. was in Liegnitz.

That is the only information I have for it in my notes. Liegnitz was an old World War I airfield that lay unused for 15 years until taken over by the Luftwaffe in 1935 and developed into a large components, parts and equipment depot which remained there throughout the war. Leignitz also supported flight training during the war. The depot was Luftzeugamt 3/XI and its components and parts storage facilities comprised some 70-75 buildings and warehouses off the NW side of the airfield. The 3 barrack complexes were off the NW corner, off the NE corner and off the SE corner.

My guess is that 21./Ln.-Versuchs-Rgt. had something to do with Luftzeugamt 3/XI.

I have it on good authority that the Allies had a strong interest in the Ln.-Versuchs-Rgt. and did a thorough study of it right after the war, detailing the purpose and history of each of the companies (Kompanien). Unfortunately, I have never come across this study in my 50+ years of researching the Luftwaffe. I suspect the study was a highly classified Target Intelligence Committee (TICOM) or National Security Agency (NSA) document. If you can find this study, it will tell you exactly what your grand-uncle was doing.


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Re: Luftnachrichten unit

Post by beaviso » 15 May 2019 13:49

> On 15.5.44, 21./Ln.-Versuchs-Rgt. was in Liegnitz.
If so, then:
Liegnitz --> GEMA laboratories and factory --> Ln-Versuchs-Kp.
Seems to be an almost obvious match.


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