Italian Jet Campini Caproni CC1

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Search for CC2

Post by gabriel pagliarani » 25 Oct 2002 13:44

Sir Sparviero
if you are looking for sites watch the following from Google:
if you are looking for specialistic publishing (all in italian) give me some days to collect them: ... ampini.htm ... 2/CC-2.htm
..and so on...
Have a nice week-end.

Enclosed drawings from the just mentioned site about ital-twins.

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Re: Italian Jet Campini Caproni CC1

Post by Cantankerous » 22 May 2020 22:35

Caproni-Campini had a project for a high-altitude fighter/interceptor derived from the N.1, the Ca.183bis, which was to use a DB 605 as well as a Fiat A.30 driving a Campini thermojet. More info is available at this link:

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