German airmen casualties

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Peter Moon
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German airmen casualties

Post by Peter Moon » 06 Apr 2002 11:05

I'm trying to obtain photos of two German airmen, Unterofizzier Gerhard Dant and Oberleutnant Alfred Simm, or their graves, of Gruppe
6 Kgs 4 (sic) who were killed when their JU88 crashed on Buxey Sand, off the
Essex coast .They were interred in Brightlingsea churchyard on 1 March 1944
but their remains were taken to Cannock Chase German Cemetery in January
Can you help, please, or forward this to someone who can?
Peter Moon

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Yevgeniy B.
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Post by Yevgeniy B. » 25 May 2003 00:14

I am sorry to dissapoint you, but I think you won't find it on internet easily.

Maybe on international websities.

I suggest you go visit liblary,


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Re: answer

Post by Marcus » 25 May 2003 00:19

Yevg wrote:Maybe on international websities.
Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "international" websites?


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Post by Peter » 25 May 2003 11:36

if you aren't in too m uch of a hurry I'll take a couple of photos at Cannock for you on my next visit, I used to live just down the road but we moved and I visit about once a year at the moment.

Send me a PM with your name & address and I'll post them when I've got them,

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