Recommended reading on the Luftwaffe

Discussions on all (non-biographical) aspects of the Luftwaffe air units and general discussions on the Luftwaffe.
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Recommended reading on the Luftwaffe

Post by Marcus » 10 Dec 2006 11:15

The idea of this sticky is to collect recommandations on good books dealing with the Luftwaffe.

Please post the title, author and a short (or long) explenation as to why you feel that particular title deserves to be included.


If you buy through the below links you not only get the books you want but you also support the forum while shopping!
* AHF Bookstore
* (UK, Germany)
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Jim S
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Post by Jim S » 13 Dec 2006 01:29

Well, to start off - how about "The Sky My Kingdom" by Hanna Reitsch
Please don't make me write a short paragraph about why I liked it - I had enough of that in school!

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Admiral Yi
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Post by Admiral Yi » 31 Dec 2006 20:35

Sea Eagles Volume Two: Luftwaffe Anti-Shipping Units 1942-45 (Luftwaffe Colours)

Book Description
The Luftwaffe’s maritime role ranged from anti-shipping operations and Uboat liaison and transport duties across great expanses of open ocean, to coastal reconnaissance and short-range patrols. Among the aircraft types featured in the two volumes which make up this series are: the Arado Ar 196A, Dornier Do 24, Blohm und Voss BV 138, Heinkel He 115, Ju 88, four-engined Fw 200 Condors and He 177s and the Do 217s used by KG 30/40/100. This volume also include studies of some of the more interesting weaponry used by German bomber units operating in such a role, such as the Rheinstahl PC 1400 X ‘Fritz X’ radio-guided bomb and the Henschel 293 rocket-driven remotely-controlled ‘stand-off’ missile used against destroyers in the Mediterranean. Alongside the photographic content, much of which is previously unpublished, and color artworks, the books also include first-hand reminiscences from Luftwaffe pilots of the era.

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Goring's Grenadiers

Post by historymuseum2000 » 07 Jan 2007 08:36

One of my pet Luftwaffe interests is the many ground combat formations that served on all fronts. This book by Anthony Munoz is one of my favorites on the Feld Divsionen.

It is 380 pages of Division histories of the 21 field divisions, some are quite detailed and include some personal accounts ( take for instance the experence of Luftwaffe General Mahncke and his building of the 15th FD, or on a more down to earth level how about photos of Leutnant Sass, also of the 15th FD.)

The book also contains many maps and orders of battles plus a narrative of each divisions experiences. ( some more than others depending on their combat location.)

If anything this book can help bring to light the understudied aspect of the the Luftwaffe Feld divisions and the often brave ( and useless!) struggle that they put up. These guys were wasted to bolster Goring's ego.

Good book not just for the FD fan but also I feel any interested in the overall Luftwaffe combat record.

Lee Drake

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Kim Sung
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Post by Kim Sung » 25 Jan 2007 15:35

'Stopped at Stalingrad' : The Luftwaffe and Hitler's Defeat in the East, 1942-1943 by Joel Hayward


This is an amazing book. I'm entirely fascinated by his crystal-clear writing style. I've never seen any Enlish-speaking writer who has grammatically more accurate and standard writing style than him. I'll recommend this book as a English grammar book as well as a history book on WWII.

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Post by WalterS » 25 Jan 2007 21:49

I agree that "Stopped at Stalingrad" is an excellent book.

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Re: Goring's Grenadiers

Post by Fallschirmjäger » 26 Jan 2007 05:02

historymuseum2000 wrote: These guys were wasted to bolster Goring's ego.
Lee Drake
Thats true,i always think most if not all the divsions would have been better off being used to keep the fallschirmjäger divsions and herman goring divsions up to strength when they where low on strength,not that did not do alright on there own,maybe even making new units of the FJ and HGPD. 8-)

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Post by WalterS » 26 Mar 2007 22:08

British historian Martin Middlebrook wrote a series of books about Bomber Command's night offensive against Germany. These books contain excellent discussions of the Luftwaffe's night-fighter defenses. I highly recommend the entire series, in particular:

"The Battle of Hamburg"

"The Berlin Raids"

"The Nuremberg Raid"

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Post by FalkeEins » 25 Apr 2007 09:23

"Barbarossa: The Air Battle July - December 1941" by Christer Bergstrom

This is a new updated & rewritten edition of the classic Black Cross/Red Star series - Volume 1 now available. Produced by the Classic/Chevron team...

here's the blurb from the Ian Allan website:

Although Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Russia in June 1941, is widely perceived seen as a great land offensive, equally important was the aerial supremacy that the Luftwaffe achieved over the front during its early phases. Without the elimination of the threat posed by the Soviet air force, it would have been impossible for the army to have made the rapid advances of the summer and autumn of 1941.

This book provides a detailed account of the massive aerial campaign fought in the skies over the Soviet Union following the launch of Operation Barbarossa. Drawing on both Russian and German sources, the strength of Christer Bergström's writing lies in its detail, his ability to tell the story from the viewpoints of both sides and to put events in both their strategic and tactical contexts. A large number of rare and previously unpublished photographs, biographical studies of major players, data tables, technical assessments and appendices accompany the text.

Compiled by one of the world's leading experts on the air war over the Eastern Front, this is the first in a series of books to cover the major phases of World War Two in this theatre of operations.

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Post by KHeitmann » 26 Apr 2007 06:35

Vol. 9 Focke-Wulf Fw 190: Workhorse of the Luftwaffe, Jay P. Spenser, Smithsonian Institution Press, c. 1987, large format paperback book

This book covers the development and career implementation of the venerable "butcher bird", the Fw-190 during WW2 by the Luftwaffe. It contains some interesting information and stories, some nice B&W wartime photos, and the final chapter of the book covers the Smithsonian's restoration of the "Weis 7", a Fw 190 F-8, complete with color photos of the completed aircraft and cockpit.

German Air Force Fighters of World War Two, Vol. 1, Martin C. Windrow, Doubleday and Company, Inc., c. 1968, hardcover.

This book covers mostly the Messerschmitt fighters from the early Bf-109s to the Me-262s and some of the various submodels of those aircraft. The book contains numerous wartime photos of fighters of each type in various markings and units, and each chapter usually has a nice color illustration of each aircraft showing it in profile, top and bottom surfaces. At the end of the book is a color plate containing representations of many of the unit badges that flew the Messerschitt fighters.

Rocket Fighter, Mano Ziegler, Bantam Books, c. 1984, paperback.

This book covers the developmental history of the Me-163 rocket fighter developed by Messerschmitt for the Luftwaffe as told by one of the test pilots, Mano Ziegler. The book also covers the stories of some of the other "Komet" pilots and their exploits and narrow escapes from this volatile aircraft.

JG26 Top Guns of the Luftwaffe, Donald Caldwell, Ballantine Books, c. 1991, paperback.

A indepth book on the operational history of the Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter" from the early days in the Spanish Civil War to service on both the Eastern and Western fronts as one of the premiere fighter squadrons of the Luftwaffe. The book contains several pages of photos of both planes and aircraft that served in the unit.

The First and the The Last, Adolf Galland, Bantam Books, c. 1978, paperback.

This is basically the story of Adolf Galland, as told by the man himself, and the rise of the Luftwaffe. He tells of his service on the front lines and in the German Air Ministry ending with his service in one of the world's first operational jet fighter units near the end of the war.

The Blond Knight of Germany, Raymond F. Toliver and Trevor J. Constable, Tab Aero Books, c. 1970, paperback.

This is the story of the world's top fighter pilot with 352 kills, Erich Hartmann. From his early days as a student pilot through is service with JG52 on the Eastern Front, to his 12 years in a Soviet prisoner gulag after the war. The book relates the story of many of his aerial victories in detail and also includes many photos of Hartmann and his aircraft during the war.

Jafü Mittelrhein
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Post by Jafü Mittelrhein » 15 Jul 2007 01:22

Ziegler, Galland and Steinhoff were nice story tellers, but that's all...

I recommend Caldwells "The JG 26 War Diary" (two parts), and Lorant/Goyats book about the JG 300. The second part should be available soon.

Further, in German language, the unit histories of JG 1 / 11, 3, 27, 53 and 77 from J. Prien, and the outstanding "Jagdfliegerverbände der deutschen Luftwaffe" part 1 to 9, # 10/1 shoud be available in the next months.

Further: Eric Mombeeks unit histories about JG 1, Stumstaffel 1 / JG 4 and the first 2 issues of the JG 5 history.

And, not to forget, the following: LG 1-history by Taghon, KG 2 and 100 by Balke, KG 54 by Radtke, JG 52 by Barbas, KG 6 by Horn, Urbanke's "D-9..."-book..., some of those mentioned are available here:
http://www.christian-schmidt-fachbuchha ... anguage=en


Jafü MR

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.pdf-document of a recent thesis on the Luftwaffe...

Post by RHWinter » 28 Aug 2007 12:00

... for all of us, who understand the german language very well. It's a brilliant work on that topic beyond the usual counting of nuts and bolts or panegyric literature, as you will expect from a dissertation.

Summary: An analysis of the strategic meaning of the factors air armament, research and development and the factor “humans” for the explanation of the defeat of the Air Force in the fight with the westallied.

Title: The Luftwaffe in the fight for the air rule - crucial measured variables with the defeat of the Air Force in the defense fight in the west and over Germany in the Second World War with special consideration of the factors „air armament “, „research and development “and „human resources “

Author: Ernst Stilla

here's the link: ... t/0581.pdf

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Post by otcconan » 22 Sep 2007 17:45

The Blond Knight of Germany, Raymond F. Toliver and Trevor J. Constable, Tab Aero Books, c. 1970, paperback.

This is the story of the world's top fighter pilot with 352 kills, Erich Hartmann. From his early days as a student pilot through is service with JG52 on the Eastern Front, to his 12 years in a Soviet prisoner gulag after the war. The book relates the story of many of his aerial victories in detail and also includes many photos of Hartmann and his aircraft during the war.
An excellent book.

I reccommend:

Stuka Pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel; Just, Gunther;Schiffer Military History;1986. ISBN 0-88740-252-6

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Post by Stormbird » 27 Sep 2007 17:02

I don't have a single book to list but a whole series

for specific individual aircraft you cannot go past the Classic publications books

DORNIER Do 335 PFEIL - Amazing book of a truely remarkable aircraft
HELICOPTERS OF THE THIRD REICH - Very interesting on a little known subject
HORTEN Ho 229- Doubt it could have saved the war, but its all very interesting
Me262 x4 volumes - extremely informative
HS129 - if you can find a copy you'll not find a better book on this aircraft

Other books also of interest from this company

GOTTERDAMMERUNG - it made me cry seeing once proud aircraft like this

I have most of the books from the aircraft lists and cannot fault them they are great reading and even better reference. Some of them cost big bucks but they are worth every cent.

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Troy Tempest
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Post by Troy Tempest » 27 Sep 2007 22:59

Luftwaffe Colours volume Two, Section 1: Jagdwaffe - Battle of Britain Phase One July-August 1940 by Eric Mombeek

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