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DB605A-1 were detuned in service

Post by Dave Bender » 15 Jan 2008 18:07

DB605A-1 were detuned in service by lowering of the supercharger boost to 1.3 ATA (1355 hp at sea level) by order of the RLM until 1943
Must have been a technical problem. Since the DB605 weighs a bit more then the DB601, it makes sense that the DB601 would provide better performance if they are putting out approximately equal hp.

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Post by Kurfürst » 15 Jan 2008 19:41

Ome_Joop wrote:What about differences in engines in the same aircraft/airframe?
Why is a DB601E better than a DB605 powered 109G-6 (is it?)? ... 14026.html
Both engines were run on 30-min ratings, ie. 1.3ata, so that shouldn`t be an issue. OTOH the particular DB 605 tested there was either worn out badly or faulty - look at the rated altitude achieved with it, it`s far too low for a DB 605A...

The official specs for the DB 605A powered Bf 109G-1/G-2 at 1.3ata were 660 km/h at 7000m. For the 109F-4 at 1.3ata, 635 km/h at 6.2 km.

Be careful with that site though ;)

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Post by AL Schlageter » 16 Jan 2008 00:11

The comparison test is done by the Germans so hardly reflects on the site linked to.

The DB 605 A Werk Nr.76098 had 30 h 45’ hours of operation which is just nicely broken in. It is illogical that any testing would be done with the engines not performing properly as this would nullify the results of the test. ... ianten.pdf

Can someone tell me what VH is? VH is listed as 5.8km.

Looks the same as in the Monogram Close-Up # 9. Notice it is an official German source.

This data must have been compiled from many flights unlike a best from one flight.


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Post by Ome_Joop » 16 Jan 2008 08:47

VH stands for Volldruck-Höhe

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