Indigenous Romanian Fighters

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Post by Witch-King of Angmar » 29 Mar 2003 19:41

Victor wrote:Actually,
Wingspan: 11 m
Length: 8.97 m
Height: 3.535 m
Weight: 2200kg(empty) and 2900 kg (max)
Wing area: 16.5 m2
Max speed at 5000 m: 485 km/h Many IAR-80 pilots would have been alive today if the speed was 550 km/h at 7000 m.
Service ceiling: 10500 m
Weapons: two 20mm cannons, but only two 7.92mm machine-guns, not four
What is the source of the 485 km/h speed figure for the IAR-80? practically everywhere are quoted figures of 510-550 km/h.

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Post by Victor » 29 Mar 2003 21:03

The source is, as I said, "Vanatorul IAR-80: Istoria unui erou neconuscut" by Dan Antoniu & George Cicos, Modelism, 2000. Their source are original documents from the MApN archive.

The speed decreased on the series aircraft from the prototype, because extra weight was added by the weapons and armor.

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Re: Indigenous Romanian Fighters

Post by Cantankerous » 11 Sep 2023 15:15

gabriel pagliarani wrote:
10 Mar 2003 19:17
These planes had to be obsolete and not yet used during WW2. Are you out of main theme or do you think they were still used during the Reich?
The CV 11 and IAR 12 remained at the prototype stage only, the former being passed on by the Royal Romanian Air Force in favor of the PZL P.1.

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