Bf 109 E as fighter bomber

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Re: Bf 109 E as fighter bomber

Post by Knouterer » 07 Apr 2018 08:57

Knouterer wrote:(with regard to the Jabo attacks on London during the BoB) In general pilots were not assigned any specific targets - and so did not need to dive bomb - and it would seem that there was little point to these indiscriminate attacks other than ensuring that the population and the defenders of London could not relax during the daytime.
As confirmed by Major Trübenbach, commander of JG 52, as quoted in Patrick G. Eriksson, Alarmstart, p. 85:

"Then off we would go to London at 8,000 m, drop one wing to see where we were and let out bombs fall into the midday traffic. If we were intercepted by English fighters on the way in, then we immediately jettisoned the bombs wherever we happened to be and took up the fight with them. On many days we sent only two Jabos across just to frustrate the crowded traffic of the Londoners when we delivered our couple of small bombs."
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Re: Bf 109 E as fighter bomber

Post by tigre » 06 Jun 2018 22:41

Hello to all :D; a little more......................................

The Bf 109 E as Jabo.

Procedures of attack of the fighter-bombers (Jabo - Jagdbomber).

Sources: Le Fana de l'Aviation Hors Serie - Jabo sur La Manche.

Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
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Re: Bf 109 E as fighter bomber

Post by Imad » 07 Jun 2018 01:56

I heard that the pilots disliked using the BF-109 in this role because the bomb load slowed down speeds and made them more vulnerable.

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Re: Bf 109 E as fighter bomber

Post by Old_Fossil » 30 Aug 2019 02:25

What was the combat radius for a Me-109 fighter-bomber with a 250 kg bomb? The previous entries in this topic mentioned that they reached as far as London but not from where they took off.
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