Raid on Bari, Italy, December 1943

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Raid on Bari, Italy, December 1943

Post by M. Reising » 01 May 2003 04:23

Good evening everyone!

A newcomer to this forum. Have a question.

What Luftwaffe Kampfgeschwader (Bomber Groups) participated in the December 1943 raid on the Allied harbor facilities and ships at Bari, Italy?

Many thanks in advance,

M. Reising

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Juha Hujanen
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Post by Juha Hujanen » 01 May 2003 13:39

Don't have info about units involved but you might find this article interesting. ... _cover.htm


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Post by daveh » 03 May 2003 14:58

The following sites give some details of the Bari raid but they concentrate on the effect not the Luftwaffe units involved. The last site does include some names of Germans involved. ... /bari.html ... riatic.htm

DISASTER AT BARI, by Infield, Glenn; Macmillan, 1971, seems to be the main reference book though I have not seen it

From the date of the raid and the forces available to the Luftwaffe in Italy in December 1943 I would suggest that the aircraft were mainly from I and II gruppen of KG 76 based at Aviano and possibly a few from LGI.

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