6. Flakdivision

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6. Flakdivision

Postby Emilevillen » 30 Jun 2017 02:51

Hello all, I'm looking for information and pictures, insignia of the 6. Flakdivision during the Leningrad seige and Kurland Kessels my great grandfather was apart of this Division during this time and surrendered to the Soviets in 45 :milsmile:

Larry D.
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Re: 6. Flakdivision

Postby Larry D. » 30 Jun 2017 17:58

What part of 6. Flak-Division was he with? The Division was just a small headquarters staff with a large number of attached units subordinated to it. The turnover of these units was constant as they came and went. Do you have information on which of these attached units he was with? What was his job, what did he do? Where in the Leningrad - Lake Ilmen - Pskov area was he stationed and on what dates?


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