hit percentages against V1 using AA ?

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hit percentages against V1 using AA ?

Postby Thoddy » 16 Aug 2017 11:03

out of about 8900 rockets fired 1900 has been downed by anti aircraft artillery

Is there someone knowing average numbers of required shells for one kill?
(possibly differentiated between MT and VT fuzed shells)
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Re: hit percentages against V1 using AA ?

Postby Tomg44 » 16 Aug 2017 15:41

From War History Online website

13) Proximity fuses and gun laying radar were used against the V1s with ever increasing success.

14) In their first week, 17% of all flying bombs that entered the coastal “gun belt” were destroyed by anti-aircraft guns. This increased to 60 percent by 23 August and 74 percent in the last week of august, when on one day 82 percent of all incoming V1s were shot down. The rate improved from one V-1 destroyed for every 2,500 shells fired, to one for every 100.

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