ZG 26 operations out of Dugino

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ZG 26 operations out of Dugino

Postby NETSCAPE » 22 Aug 2017 15:44

I am making a campaign for IL2 based on ZG 26 operating out of Dugino during the battle of Moscow. So the research begins. I am finding it more difficult to find simple information on the bf-110 SOP as opposed to the Ju-87 campaign I have made over the summer. Anyways, as usual, Luftwaffe stuff isn't my forte when it comes to WW2 history so I am here to consult you guys! Here are some basic things I need to know.

1. How often were alternate bomb-loads like 2xSC500's instead of 2xSC250's, or 1xSC1000 used?

2. What was a typical altitude to cruise or attack from? (In game 800-1000m feels best to me, then I RTB at around 500m or lower)

3. How many 110's would typically fly together on a sortie?

4. What type of formation was used? A large V? or multiple V's like the Stuka "Kette" tactic? Or maybe just an echelon?

5. Despite the variety of ground attack missions they took part in, did they occasionally engage enemy aircraft at all? If so, was this in self-defense only? Or were there deliberate intercept missions against enemy bomber/attack aircraft?

6. How often would they have had air cover by friendly fighters? (I'm looking at you JG 52!)

Thanks for any answers, links, or reading recommendations!

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