Parachutes and Bf 109's

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Parachutes and Bf 109's

Postby parahist » 31 Aug 2017 09:35

I'm looking info what was the name of the parachute what Germans used in Bf 109. Pilots in Finland used own parachutes what we called PAK. PAK factory was in Helsinki.

But what about German parachutes. Was those Fl 30231 or something else (RüFa = Rückenfallschirm 12B - backpack parchute?)? What was the name of the comppany and name of the parachute?

Edit: There are some info about Fl 30231 (seat type) parachute

SA-kuva: Kommando I/JG 54 and Bf 109 F-4 fighters in Petäjärvi (1942).

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