Information on Luftwaffe pilot

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Information on Luftwaffe pilot

Postby tryc » 03 Sep 2017 08:14

Hi everyone
I'm sure this topic has been brought up many times and I apologize in advance.
My biological Grandfather named Paul Dieter Gurt Holtznagel and went by Gurt was a ww2 Luftwaffe pilot but sadly I have very little information on his military career. here's what information I have on him.
- he flew Messerschmidts I'm unaware of what kind but I believe they were 109's
- he bailed out twice over France and escaped un-harmed.
- he was shot down over Russia and was taken POW, I am unaware of the name of what camp he ended up in but i know that he had to walk a long way to get there.
- he survived the war emigrated to Australia afterward and passed away some time in the mid noughties
Thank-you for any help, any details of his military career would be greatly appreciated, please feel free to email me at

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