Oblt. Fritz Lau, of IV./NJG 1

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Oblt. Fritz Lau, of IV./NJG 1

Post by Barry L » 30 Dec 2017 01:06

Hi, all,
Are there any 'specialists' on this forum who might be able to help me with a long shot, please?

I'm seeking to build another scale-model action scenario (family history) in which Oblt Fritz Lau's Bf 110 will be depicted shooting at a Halifax bomber, and after much searching of the internet, I have yet to find any indication of the correct (or nearest) aircraft/squadron markings for his aircraft, c1944. The kit that I now have for the Bf 110 has a decal set for NJG 1 in 1945, based in Gelsenkirchen - would that likely be the same squadron/Gruppen, etc.?

It is by no means definite that Fritz Lau was indeed the culprit, but for what I'm aiming to create, near enough will have to suffice. However, if anyone can help pin things down even partly accurately, I'd be very grateful indeed! ...And, of course, if anyone might know the exact aircraft markings, I'd be overjoyed! :thumbsup:

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Re: Oblt. Fritz Lau, of IV./NJG 1

Post by Larry D. » 30 Dec 2017 14:09

Barry -

That should be a real easy question for anyone who is into camouflage and markings and does plastic modeling. Here is a web site where they all hang out:



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