What To Do With The Fi-103Rs?

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What To Do With The Fi-103Rs?

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 17 Jul 2019 05:41

175 Fi-103R pilot version buzz bombs were made in total. However it appears they were not used in combat. My question is,if they weren't used in action,what did the Luftwaffe used them for? Scrap metal or some classified secret missions that don't appear in history books of WWII? The Luftwaffe can't leave the Fi-103Rs to rust.

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Re: What To Do With The Fi-103Rs?

Post by Ironmachine » 17 Jul 2019 07:07

Well, as there are surviving examples of the Fi-103R, and a number of photographs with captured examples, I would say the Germans just didn't worry much about them once the program was cancelled.

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