Luftwaffe Pilots: Negative Record

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gabriel pagliarani
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Post by gabriel pagliarani » 20 Jun 2003 22:46

tonyh wrote:The sheer numbers the allies could put into the air, vastly increased a rookies chance to survive and lowered the German pilots chances in the same regard.

Many a US pilot flew their tour or more and never even saw a German aircraft.

There was another multiplier effect: an excellent allied pilot still alive at the end of turnation could be easy "used" as combat-teacher for rookies. Nothing is better for a fighter pilot than the experience of veterans. With veterans at front, combat training increase the gap between veterans and rookies. If dad survived and I am here it is due only to fate and the good training dad received. Also eagles need parents, when young.

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Post by mars » 20 Jun 2003 22:46

tonyh: not just sheer number, it was also about the trainning, an American rookie had at least 18 months excellent training before he was send to front, after 1944, a Germany rookie could only expect 40-50 flying hours

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