Luftkriegsschule 6...

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Luftkriegsschule 6...

Post by Harro » 14 Nov 2019 09:12

“I recall a Junker named Schröder: he wore a Waffen-SS uniform but with Luftwaffe epaulettes with ‘LKS 6’ embroidered on them – which stood for ‘Luftkriegsschule 6’. [...] I had not yet come across a Scharführer – which equalled the rank of a Junker – from an Air War School. The next day he had the correct Waffen-SS rank on his epaulettes."

Luftkriegsschule 6 (Air War School 6) in Kitzingen am Main trained officers for anti-aircraft units. Probably a long shot, but does anyone know if the candidate lists for LKS 6 from this timeframe - December 1944/February 1945 - survived and - if they did - where to find them? Possibly the BA-MA in Freiburg but I'm not familiar with their Luftwaffe files.

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