Luftwaffe supply company (Nachschubkompanie)

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Luftwaffe supply company (Nachschubkompanie)

Post by germankid » 22 Jan 2020 04:33

My grandfather was a member of the Luftwaffen-Nachschub-Kompanie 5/XII.
That would be a supply company for the German air force. I believe it may have been based in Wiesbaden. Does anyone know where this company would have been located and where it was deployed during the Second World War?

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Re: Luftwaffe supply company (Nachschubkompanie)

Post by Larry D. » 23 Jan 2020 16:09

Here is all I have:

Nachschub-Kp. d.Lw. 5/XII
Formed on general mobilization in late August 1939. Place of formation unknown.
Aug 40: in West France. (Feldluftgau Westfrankreich microfilms)
Jan 41: West France. (Feldluftgau Westfrankreich microfilms)
Jun 41: West France (Chartres?) under Feldluftzeuggruppe Westfrankreich. (NARA T-405 roll 45)
Apr 42: West France (Chartres?) under Feldluftzeuggruppe Westfrankreich. (NARA T-405 roll 45)
Jun 43: West France. (Feldluftgau Westfrankreich microfilms)
18 Jul 44: Kp. at Remoulins in S France attached to Feldluftmunitionslager 5/XII but had only just arrived in Remoulins, probably the previous month. (NARA T-405 roll 10/frame 820)
6 Dec 44: ordered disbanded after retreating from France. (Kannapin - Feldpostübersicht)
FpN: L 35 670.
Hptm. d.L. Ferdinand Müller (? - Sep 41)


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