RLB Officers - Berlin Flak Towers

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RLB Officers - Berlin Flak Towers

Post by H.Fuchs » 11 Feb 2020 16:33

Does anyone have a list of the officers in charge of the Flak Towers in Berlin?
Or, how would I go about finding that information? I'm struggling to find information on the RLB in Berlin. Thank you in advance!

Halfdan S.
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Re: RLB Officers - Berlin Flak Towers

Post by Halfdan S. » 11 Feb 2020 17:49


I have the following:

Flakturm I (Zoologischer Garden)
Turmkommandant: Oberleutnant Balke, Oberleutnant Wittkowski and Hauptmann Stössenreuter

Flakturm II (Friedrichshain)
Turmkommandant: Oberleutnant/Hauptmann Küttner

Flakturm III (Humboldthain)
Kommandeur, Oberstleutnant Frikke

My notes are not completely clear, but I believe to have made the notes from:
Michael Foedrowitz: Die Flaktürme - Berlin - Hamburg - Wien, 2017

Halfdan S.

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