Waffenfarbe POW Camp Personnel

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Waffenfarbe POW Camp Personnel

Post by Sejanus » 21 Jun 2020 07:07

Does anyone know what color Waffenfarbe would have been used for Luftwaffe POW camp personnel? I tried searching for an answer here on AHF but no information was located.

I also checked some period publications and charts but there was no mention of a Waffenfarbe for camp staff; period photographs seem to indicate a variety of colors (but difficult to tell given they are B&W photographs, postwar colorized versions may not be reliable).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Larry D.
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Re: Waffenfarbe POW Camp Personnel

Post by Larry D. » 21 Jun 2020 14:55

Why do you think they merited having their own distinctive Waffenfarbe? There were only a few thousand of them, as the Luftwaffe POW camps - Stalag Luft and Oflag Luft - were few in number. There were just 5 Waffengattung in the Luftwaffe: (1) Fliegertruppen - gold yellow; (2) Flakartillerie - bright red; (3) Luftnachrichtentruppen - gold brown; (4) Lw.-Sanitätstruppen - dark blue; (5) Lw.-Bautruppen - black). Personnel-wise, numbers (4) and (5) were generally handled and treated as part of the Fliegertruppen. White, pink and crimson were also for generals, engineers and officers of the general staff, respectively.

To answer your question, the guard personnel would almost always come from the Fliegertruppen branch. It was not desirable duty and delinquent personnel were frequently used for guards.


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