Changements in the Luftlkeise in 1934/35?

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Changements in the Luftlkeise in 1934/35?

Post by muno11 » 04 Aug 2020 13:13


I recognized some changements of several early LW-Units/Flugplätze in 1934/35. Exemples: The Flugplatz Gotha was part of Luftkreis IV in 1934, but ca. in 1935 Gotha became part of Luftkreis III. An other case: Flugplatz Cottbus was at first in Lufkreis III, in 1934 in Luftkreis II and so on...

I could not find any explication or official measure. Was there a changement/new plan that changed the structure of the Luftkreise in 1935?

Who can help, please? Thank you in Advance!

Best regards


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